PUBLICATIONS – (Peer Reviewed Journals)

  1. A feasibility study of brain training for people with knee osteoarthritis in a tertiary care

    Anton Harms, Alberto M Heredia-Rizo, G Lorimer Moseley, Raphael Hau, Caitlin Farmer, Tasha R Stanton

    Physiotherapy Theory and Practice, accepted for publication, 2018.

  2. Epidemiology and Outcomes of Traumatic Knee Dislocation: Isolated vs Multi-Trauma Injuries

    Genevieve Darcy, Elton Edwards, Raphael Hau

    Injury, accepted for publication, 2018.

  3. Predictors of recovery in cyclists hospitalised for orthopaedic trauma following an on-road crash

    Ben Beck, Christina L. Ekegren, Peter Cameron, Elton R. Edwards, Andrew Bucknill, Rodney Judson, Richard Page, Raphael Hau, Mark Stevenson, Belinda J. Gabbe

    Accident Analysis and Prevention 106: 341–347, 2017.

  4. A combined randomised and observational study of surgery for fractures in the distal radius in the elderly (CROSSFIRE)—a study protocol

    Ian A Harris, Justine M Naylor, Andrew Lawson, Rachelle Buchbinder, Rebecca Ivers, Zsolt Balogh, Paul Smith, Rajat Mittal, Wei Xuan, Kirsten Howard, Arezoo Vafa, Piers Yates, Bertram Rieger, Geoff Smith, Ilia Elkinson, Woosung Kim, Mellick Chehade, Jai Sungaran, Kim Latendresse, James Wong, Sameer Viswanathan, Martin Richardson, Kush Shrestha, Herwig Drobetz, Phong Tran, Jeremy Loveridge, Richard Page, Raphael Hau, Roger Bingham, Jonathan Mulford, Ian Incoll

    British Medical Journal Open 7 (6), e016100. 23 Jun 2017.

  5. The maximum tolerated dose of walking for community-dwelling people recovering from hip fracture: a dose-response trial.

    Casey Peiris, Nora Shields, Michael Kingsley, Raphael Hau, Nicolas TaylorArchives of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation, 98(12): 2533-2539, 2017.

  6. Validity and reliability of an activity monitor to quantify arm movements and activity in adults following distal radius fracture

    Andrea Bruder, Nicholas Taylor, Nora Shields, Jodie McClelland, Raphael Hau

    Disability and Rehabilitation, 23: 1-8, 2017.

  7. Twelve-month work-related outcomes following hip fracture in patients under 65 years of age

    Christina Ekegren, Elton Edwards, Raphael Hau, Belinda Gabbe

    Injury, 48(3): 701-707, 2017.

  8. Comparison of two different methods of intra-operative warming after pre-operative warming in prolonged surgery

    Clarissa Tjoakarfa, Vikram David, Altas Ko, Raphael Hau

    Journal of Arthroplasty, 32(2): 624-627, 2017.

  9. Patient reported health related quality of life early outcomes at 12 months after surgically managed tibial plafond fractures

    Luke J. Bonato, Elton R. Edwards, Cameron McR. Gosling, Raphael Hau, Dirk Jan Hofstee, Alex Shuen, Belinda J. Gabbe

    Injury, 48(4): 946-953, 2017.

  10. Do NSAIDs impair fracture healing? A survey of Australian Orthopaedic Surgeons

    CL Ekegren, P Cameron, R de Steiger, A Bucknill, S Liew, BJ Gabbe, M Richardson, A Oppy, R Page, ER Edwards, R Hau

    Journal of Pharmacy Practice and Research, 47: 393–395, 2017.

  11. Twelve months outcomes following surgical repair of the Achilles tendon

    G Fox, BJ Gabbe, M Richardson, A Oppy, R Page, ER Edwards, R Hau, CL Ekegren

    Injury, 47(10): 2370-2374, 2016.

  12. Does clinical supervision of health professionals improve patient safety? A systematic review and meta-analysis

    David Snowdon, Raphael Hau, Sandy Leggart, Nicholas Taylor

    International Journal for Quality in Health Care, 28(4):447-455, 2016.

  13. A progressive exercise and structured advice program does not improve activity more than structured advice alone following a distal radial fracture: A multi-centre phase I/II randomised controlled trial

    Andrea Bruder, Nora Shields, Karen Dodd, Raphael Hau, Nicholas Taylor

    Journal of Physiotherapy 62: 145-152, 2016.

  14. Twelve-month mortality and functional outcomes in hip fracture patients under 65 years of age

    Christina Ekegren, Elton Edwards, Raphael Hau, Belinda Gabbe

    Injury 47(10): 2182-2133, 2016.

  15. Clinicians’ perceptions of decision-making regarding discharge from public hospitals to inpatient rehabilitation following trauma.

    Lara Kimmel, Elton R. Edwards, Raphael Hau, Richard Page, Andrew Bucknill, Belinda J. Gabbe

    Australian Health Review, 41(2) 192-200, 2016.

  16. Nails or plates for fracture of the distal femur? Data from the Victoria Orthopaedic Trauma Outcomes Registry.

    Hoskins W, Sheehy R, Bucknill AB, Parsons N, Hau, R, Edwards E, Griffin XL

    Bone and Joint Journal,98B: 845-850, 2016.

  17. Incidence of complications associated with operative fixation of midshaft clavicle fractures

    Saeed Asadollahi, Elton R Edwards, Martin Richardson, Richard Page, Raphael Hau, Peter Cameron, Belinda Gabbe

    Injury 47: 1248-1252, 2016.

  18. Discharge from the acute hospital: Trauma patients’ perceptions of care

    Lara Kimmel, Elton R. Edwards, Raphael Hau, Peter Cameron, Richard de Steiger, Belinda J. Gabbe

    Australian Health Review, 40(6): 625-632, 2016.

  19. Distal Radial Fractures in Children: Risk Factors for Redisplacement Following Closed Reduction.

    Asadollahi S, Ooi KS, Hau RC

    Journal Pediatric Orthopaedics, 35(3): 224-228, 2015.

  20. Surgical management of Manson III radial head fractures

    George Miller, Ali Humadi, Raghavan Unni, Raphael Hau

    Indian Journal of Orthopaedics, 47(4): 323-332, 2013.

  21. Elbow fracture-dislocation combined with Galeazzi fracture in adult: A case report and literature review.

    Saeed Asadollahi, David Shepherd, Raphael C Hau

    International Journal of Surgery Case Reports, 4(7): 748-752, 2013.

  22. Sterile Stockinette in orthopaedic surgery: a possible pathway for infection

    Boekel P, Blackshaw R, Van Bavel D, Riazi A, Hau R

    Australian New Zealand Journal of Surgery 82: 838-843, 2012.

  23. Risk factors associated with loss of position after closed reduction of distal radial fractures in children

    Hang JR, Hutchison AF, Hau RC

    Journal of Paediatric Orthopaedics, 31(5): 501-506, 2011.

  24. Review article: Paediatric supracondylar humeral fractures: assessment and management in the emergency department.

    Allen SR, Hang JR, Hau RC

    Emergency Medicine Australasia, 22(5): 418-426, 2010.

  25. Knee replacement for osteoarthritis secondary to chronic patellar dislocation and trochlear dysplasia

    Hau RC, Newman JH

    Knee 15(6): 447-450, 2008.

  26. Which implant for proximal femoral osteotomy in children?

    Hau, G.R. Nattrass, I.P. Torode, M. O’Sullivan, D.R.V. Dickens, H.K. Graham

    Journal of Pediatric Orthopedics 20(3): 336-43, 2000.

  27. Driving reaction time after right knee arthroscopy.

    Raphael Hau, Steve Csongvay, John Bartlett.

    Knee Surgery, Sports, Traumatology and Arthroscopy 8(2): 89-92, 2000.

  28. Driving reaction time before and after anterior cruciate ligament reconstruction.

    Trung Nguyen, Raphael Hau, John Bartlett.

    Knee Surgery, Sports, Traumatology and Arthroscopy 8: 226-230, 2000.


PUBLICATIONS (Book Chapters)

  1. Should the patella be resurfaced in total knee replacement?

    Hau R, Masri B, Garbuz D

    In Wright et al (Ed):Evidence-Based Orthopaedics, 598-607

    Elsevier, Philadelphia, USA, 2009.

  2. Vascular injuries in total knee arthroplasty

    Hau R, Masri B

    In Della Vale, C (Ed): Curbside Consultation in Knee Arthroplasty, 15-17.

    SLACK publishing, 6900 Grove Road, Thorofare, NJ 08086, USA, 2008.


PUBLICATION (Invited Article)

  1. Review article: Prehospital management of paediatric supracondylar fractures

    Hye-Sung Park, Joel Seong-Jin Ang, Raphael Hau

    Journal of Paramedic Practice, 3(12): 564-570, 2011.