Knee Osteoarthritis

Also known as Knee Arthritis


Problem & Cause

Pain from osteoarthritis of the knees can be minimal or debilitating depending on the location of the disease. Most commonly the pain is located on the inside of the knee (ie right side of the left knee or left side of the right knee). The pain is like a toothache and it is worse after standing or walking. There may be some swelling and a clicking sensation around the knee. The leg may become more bowed at the knee and it may be difficult to fully straighten the knee. Walking any distance may be difficult and as is going up and down stairs. Squatting, kneeling and walking up and down inclines may also cause pain.


Non-surgical treatment of Knee OA include:

  • Using a heat pack or a wheat pack for pain,
  •  Taking simple pain killers like Panadol or Panamax,
  •  Taking anti-inflammatory tablets such as Voltaren or Nurofen,
  •  Weight Loss if overweight or obese
  •  Avoid high impact activity such as running BUT keep active
  •  Use a walking stick to help avoid falling
  • Occasionally, having cortisone or visco-supplementation injections may help

When all of the above fails to provide the relief you need, then it is time to discuss
with your doctor about seeing a specialist.

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